Brian Taylor's Multi-Color Gum Workshop

Brian Taylor’s Multi-Color Gum Workshop

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This year F295 is excited to offer Brian Taylor’s unique multicolor gum bichromate workshop.

Taylor has worked with the printing process for decades and has perfected the art of  gum printing. Each print is unique and complete in its hand-made touches, imperfections, and organic elements. Great professors, such as Oliver Gagliani and Betty Hahn, mentored and influenced him as he developed a handmade aesthetic that frees him from the confines of factory produced materials.

Taylor is so recognized in the field that the fine people at did one of their terrific Creative Spark documentaries on him and his work. See more information on their website >>

Taylor weighing some ingredients at the 2012 F295 workshop

In this workshop, you will learn to transform a black and white negative (digital or film) into a full color (unconventional) print,  hand made and unique to your ideas and aesthetic. The gum bichromate process is a malleable one that allows the artist to slowly build the image, layer by layer, to create a one of a kind final product that reflects their own artistic vision.

Image from Taylor’s “Art of Getting Lost” portfolio

The process begins by creating a tonally correct digital negative. That negative is then used to print a cyanotype on heavy watercolor paper. This base layer then becomes the foundation for a virtually unlimited interpretation and artistic opportunity.  Gum Arabic is mixed with ammonium dichromate, and a gouache color of the artists choice is coated onto the paper, and re-exposed. The image can then be scratched, rubbed, and altered to the artists liking. Multiple layers of gum are applied, in different colors, to slowly build up an amazing image that is best seen in person.

Image from Taylor’s “Art of Getting Lost” portfolio

This hands-on technique creates uniquely personal images that are a great addition to a portfolio and best seen in person. Taylor’s workshop is one of the best ways to sharpen your skills and explore this process with a contemporary master.

We are thrilled to offer this  unique workshop at the 2015 F295 symposium, read more here. See you there!

Some images from participants at Taylor’s 2012 F295 workshop









Registration information on our website!

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