Two Day Daguerreotype Workshop

Two Day Daguerreotype Workshop

Two Day Hands-on Daguerreotype Workshop
Instructor: Jerry Spagnoli

This exciting two day workshop will introduce you to the daguerreotype -the first photographic process presented to the public in 1839. A daguerreotype is a photographic image, produced on a sheet of polished silver, unique for its clarity and presence when held in your hand. The process has a rich historical legacy but has been largely lost to artists for over one hundred years leaving much much unexplored potential for the modern practitioner to explore.

This workshop will investigate the process introduced by M.E. Bequerrel 1840. The ‘Bequerrel Process’ requires none of the extremely hazardous chemicals traditionally associated with the method. The plates can be exposed in a large format camera or contact printed from film positives.

Participants will learn all the steps necessary to make a daguerreotype and will be given abundant time to make images in class. The skills you will acquire include polishing, sensitizing and finishing the plates as well as instruction on making your own equipment so that you can continue the process in your own darkroom.

This course is open to all skill levels but participants should have a solid working knowledge of the basics of photography. Course fee includes two silver plates (can be re-used if desired). Additional plates will be available for purchase at the workshop (cash or check: $35/each).

Class is limited to six participants.

Location: Pittsburgh Filmmakers
Date: May 30 & 31 (Sat, Sun)
Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm (with break for lunch)
Cost: $695 members/ $720 non-members

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