F295 Member's Salon Exhibition: Deadline Approaching!

F295 Member’s Salon Exhibition: Deadline Approaching!

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F259 Salon Exhibition
Deadline: March 1, 2015

The deadline for submitting work for the 2015 F295 Members Salon Exhibition is rapidly approaching!

Submit your work to be considered to hang along with your peers at what is promising to be one of the most exciting exhibitions this year. We’ve partnered with the University of Pittsburgh’s University Art Gallery to hang this show of members work in concert with the 2015 F295 Symposium. We will create a limited edition catalog with an introductory essay that will include the works hung in the show. We will also feature some of these works online along with a few interviews.

This exhibition opportunity is not limited to those attending the conference, but is open to all current F295 members. The opening will be open to the public.

You need to be a new or current member (one year memberships start at $35/student or $50/artist, $100/professional) at the time of submission. Every member who submits is eligible to be selected to hang at least one piece included in this collective showcase.

*  Submit 3-6 lo-res images (800px long side at 72dpi) to 2015@f295.org or send a link via Dropbox.
*  Please include your name, work titles, year, process, size, and any other important information etc.
*  Submitted work may be any size in any medium, please keep in mind that we encourage the active exploration of images created using a variety of photographic process and technique.
*  Selected artists agree to provide a pre-paid shipping label for return of work. Work may also be hand-delivered when arriving at the Symposium on Wednesday May 27 or Thursday May 28 and may also be picked up at the end of the exhibition by participants.
* Works must incorporate some hybridization of process and technique – interpretation of which works meet this clause is up to the sole discretion of F295.

Submission Deadline: March 1, 2015

There is no entry fee for submitting to this show. The exhibition runs from May 28-31, 2015.

Become a member and submit work to this terrific salon exhibition in May!

Image: Tintypist and National Geographic photographer Robb Kendrick speaks with two guests at the 2009 F295 Symposium Exhibition

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