F295 Members Salon Exhibition

F295 Members Salon Exhibition

F295 is proud to announce that on Thursday evening, May 28 the first ever F295 Members Salon exhibition will open at the University Art Gallery at the Frick Fine Arts building on the campus of The University of Pittsburgh.

We’re thrilled accept for exhibition over 60 unique photographs created by more than 35 different artists. All of whom are current F295 members!

Accepted artists include:

Susan Abramson
Bill Barber
Craig Barber
Mariana Bartolomeo
Ed Bateman
Nancy Breslin
Tom Carpenter
Theresa Ann Casciato
Barbara Dombach
Wendy Erickson
Adam Finkelston
Ruth Foote
Arthur Fredericks
Steve Harp
Michael Heiko
Ellie Ivanova
Bethe King
Laura Krasnow
Thomas Krueger
Heather Lewis
Frank Lopez
Christine Lorenz
Jeff McCrum
Anne Arden McDonald
Mary Kay Neff
Holly Northrop
Nolan Preece
Beverly Rayner
Denis Roussel
Brenda Roger
Andy Schmitt
George Smyth
Scott Stillman
Michael Taylor
Melanie Walker
Jeane Wells
Brady Wilks

Location: University of Pittsburgh, Frick Fine Arts Building
Date: May 28 (Thurs)
Time: 7:00pm
Cost: FREE to the public.

*Image: Detail of two cabinet card images by Edward Bateman.

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