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Powerful Control

Cameleon isn't a novelty toy camera app. There are no kitsch filters, lenses, or film packs - just direct control over the most important variables of the image with an infinite number of possibilities. Dial in your unique signature look and make some awesome photographs today.

Customize & Make Awesome Photographs!


Cameleon is released with 6 custom presets (plus a "normal" mode), but these are just to get you started. Tweak them to create your own personalized presets! You can always reset to the factory settings, but we're certain you have great ideas.

Safe Editing!

Shoot, edit, and experiment with the confidence of knowing that Cameleon always preserves your original image information. You can undo or apply changes at any time! If you quickly grabbed a shot using a black and white preset and later think that you really want to see it in super-saturated color - no problem! Go to the app gallery, select the image, and tweak the settings, and Save! Or Save a Copy to compare them side by side!


* Six user definable presets
* Direct control over Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness, and Hue
* Ability to reset the presets to factory settings
* Normal mode
* Restart with last used preset
* Live preview (see how your picture looks before taking the picture!)
* Touch based exposure/focus control
* Output at full resolution - no downsampling!
* Fully non-destructive editing
* Save or save a copy when editing - create multiples to compare!
* Auto white balance detection
* Audible shutter
* Full image aspect ratio
* Streamlined user interface
* In-app image gallery synchronized to your photo roll
* Small footprint for fast startup times
* Email photographs directly from Cameleon!
* Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram integration
* Dedicated Cameleon album in your phone's Photo roll

Privacy is our Concern too

Cameleon does not harvest any user information. We're not interested in facial recognition software or keeping tabs on where you've been, knowing who you're with, or where you're going. We only want to be your favorite camera app... not your mother.


Cameleon is optimized for iPhone 5. And while it does not officially support any other devices it does work on iPhone 4 (it does not function on 4S), iPad 2, 3, 4, and mini, and all iPods with cameras. iOS 6+ only.



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